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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Springtime Blahs...

Is there such a thing as Spring Blahs? Because if there's not, then I'm pretty sure I've discovered a new pathology characterized by sleepiness and general irritation. I'm tired. I'm cranky. It seems to be spreading too; we're enduring Day 3 of cranky Baby Duck. By the way, Baby Duck is the toddler formerly known as Scooter Pie. He changed his name this week. Calling him Scooter Pie is now a sure path to Tantrum City.

I took him to the park yesterday, where I discovered three of the four little kids there have been struck down by this malady. After fifteen minutes, all of them were running around yelling, "No swing! No climb! Go Home!"

As further evidence of the seriousness of this situation, all of my parenting boards and many of the blogs I follow have been quiet this week. I've sent some e-mails out this week, and most of them have gone unanswered, as if the recipient never even got them. Perhaps the bitstream is blahhed out as well.

I think some levity is in order...

I found this spoof of flu vaccine policy on a parenting board several days ago, and it's fairly amusing. Thanks for the link, Lisa!

I've been hesitating to post it since I have friends who span the spectrum from "vaccinate the kids on time, every time" to "doctors and vaccine companies are out to create a permanent population of patients and make big bucks" in their views on this topic. I'm so not trying to start a ruckus here, and the way my week has been going, well, I'm just not up for that. So don't take the link seriously, just take it for what it is - a spoof.


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