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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Beau 6/3/1998 - 4/18/2006

Bobo was our fourth ferret. He was given to Kevin in the winter of 1998 when the little guy was about six months old. An old friend of ours who breeds ferrets in Pennsylvania had a jill who had given birth to an unusually small litter of two wee male kits, Beau and his brother. The brother passed away shortly after birth, leaving Bobo as a single kit. For some reason there were no takers for Beau, so the breeder gave him to us. After all, he was born on Kevin's birthday, so he seemed a perfect match.

Bobo lived up the stereoptype of male ferrets - he was a cuddly marshmallow who loved to play hard and then sit in someone's lap to be petted. As he got older, he became even cuddlier. He was mellow enough to put up with the sometimes less-than-gentle petting of a toddler. I love all my ferrets, of course, but there always been a special place in my heart for Bobo. He was such a gentle soul, and he was a wonderful friends through many years of ups and downs.

Beau developed insulinoma right before Thanksgiving this year, and amazed us by living quite happily for an extended time after the diagnosis. Sadly, Beau passed away in the wee hours this morning. His grizzled face and big brown eyes will be greatly missed.

Happy travels across the Rainbow Bridge, my fuzzy friend.


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