Come, Mommy

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mr. Butterfly

Today at the park Liam spotted a butterfly. He was chasing the butterfly around and was quite perturbed that the insect wouldn't wait for him.

Liam: "Mr. Butterfly! Come!"

(frantic chasing)

Liam: "Mr. Butterfly! Wait! But wait! Can I hold you? Please?"

(the butterfly departs)

Liam (greatly dejected): "Mommy, come. Mr. Butterfly won't stop for Liam. Mr. Butterfly faster than friendly wooms."

I told him that one day he'd be able to hold a butterfly, and he gave the idea due consideration. "Oh, Mommy. Baby grow big. And fast. Then he can hold butterfly!"

Someday, sweetie, you will grow big and fast. In the meantime, the Friendly Worms will wait for you.


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