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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two Months Of Brotherhood

Kieran is two months old today, and now I'm remembering how much I enjoyed the 2 to 3 month old period when Liam was a baby. We've got lots and lots of smiles from Keiran, simple games he likes to play, and he's starting to reach out and try to touch things. Here are some items from the last couple of weeks:

Actual quote: "I know, I know, Kieran, I dropped my kazoo on your head. I'm sorry. I was just trying to drop it near your head. I missed."

The train fan consults a subway map on a father-son outing to the New York Aquarium. Kevin reports that from Liam's perspective it was all about the trains. They didn't spend much time at the Aquarium after all. It didn't hold a candle to New Jersey Transit and New York City subway trains.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kieran takes an uninterrupted nap while Liam is away.

It's a sure sign of spring - a doubly bandaged skinned knee.

Liam joins the percussion section during music class.

Kieran's getting over his cold and enjoying the fact that he can breathe again.*

Hey there, Smiley Guy!*

Gran-Gran and her guys. Usually she's behind the camera, but I managed to snatch this rare opportunity to photograph her with the kids.

So there you go - a visit with Gran-Gran, a first cold almost gone, and lots of baby smiles. A pretty happy couple of weeks at the Menagerie House.

*If you like Kieran's "Made of 100% Mama's Milk" onesie, click on over to Amy's shop and buy one for the baby in your life!

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