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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Poor Sick Baby! Now With Update!

Little babies just look so sad when they are sick...

Yup, Kieran has his first cold. Liam came down with one earlier this week and both Kieran and I woke up with it yesterday. He's not all that sick in clinical terms - he's not running a fever, but does have some off-and-on sneezing and coughing, with a schnorpy nose and congestion. However, he's not sleeping well, he's tired, and reasonably enough, he just wants to be held. Hopefully with some TLC he can shake this off soon, and it'll be our last cold for the season. Famous last words, I know...

Updated 5/22/07: Thanks for all the get-well wishes, guys. Kieran's doing better. He's not as congested and not coughing quite as much. It seems his first cold is going to end up being a mild one. He's just trying to catch up on sleep he lost over the last couple of days. It would really help if every time he tried to nap, his brother did not run over, poke him, and yell, "Mommy! We have eyes!! Kieran's AWAKE!!!"

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