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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Brain Is Oozing Out Of My Ears. Truly.

4:00 this afternoon. Liam and I are both tired and cross, and it's pouring outside...

Liam: "Why is the rain falling down off the gutters?"

Me: "Because gravity pulls it towards the ground."

Liam: "Why does it not go down the waterspout instead?"

Me: "Well, some of it does. But some of it runs over the top of the gutters."

Liam: "Why does the rain not all go in either the waterspout or over the top of the gutters?"

Me: "Well, I guess it's raining too hard for all the rain to fit in one place or the other."

Liam: "Why is it raining too hard?"

Me: "Because there's a lot of water in the clouds?"

Liam; "Why is there a lot of water in the clouds?"

Me (getting tired): "I don't know."

Liam: "What?"

Me: "I don't know."

Liam (bursting into tears): "You DO know, Mommy, you DO!!!"

Me: "Uuummm...."

Liam: "You have to know! I have to learn!"

Me (too myself, but obviously too loudly): "This conversation is really pushing my buttons."

Liam: "It's not, Mommy. It's NOT! You don't have any buttons!"

Me: "Well, that's true. And you are very funny!"

It's hard to stay mad at this kid....

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