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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Penny, 2003-2007

We adopted Penny from a local ferret shelter last August. She was a sweetheart of a ferret who had been placed at the shelter along with her brothers, Jeff and Pippi, because their owners were expecting a human baby and "couldn't keep" the ferrets. Well, then, who better to adopt the three than a family with one toddler and another baby on the way? And who already had two ferrets and a dog?

Yeah, we thought we were a prefect match, too.

Along the way it became clear that Penny, like many ferrets, had some fairly serious health problems, so we loved her as hard as we could and tried to keep in mind that her time with us might be short. Last week she and Jeff came down with a GI bug. Although Jeff is recovering, Penny did not, and she passed away last night.

We miss you, sweet ferret, as do Jeff, Pippi, Houdini, and Stormy. Thank you for spnding what time you could with us, and safe travels across the Rainbow Bridge.

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