Come, Mommy

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Enter the Sibling Rivalry

P. B. Bear: "Why do mommies make milk?"

Me: "Well, milk is what makes babies and little boys and girls grow big."

P. B. Bear: "I love mommy milk. But sometimes I only like soy milk, because I'm big."

Me: "Do you think your little brother will like mommy milk when he comes?"

P. B. Bear: "Yes, I think so. But! But??? Eh?"

Me: "But what, sweetie?"

P. B. Bear: "But I think my brother will have to find his own mommy for milk."

Me: "Hhhmmm. Do you think I could be his mommy?"

P. B. Bear (looking at me like I need a psych referral): "Oh, no, mommy. You are only MY mommy."

And the little brother isn't even here yet...


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