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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces

I am once again failing in any attempt to write a cohesive post. Therefore I present you with another edition of Bits and Pieces...

***It's a gorgeous day today - true Indian summer with a high in the 70's. It's perfect weather for trick-or-treating, which is good because we have a lot of goodies in case hordes of hungry trick-or-treaters descend upon the Menagerie House.

***Speaking of which, I highly recommend the Hershey's Kissables:

They are basically a Kiss-shaped M&M. Very yummy. I hope we have a some of these left after tonight, or else I will be forced to see if there are any left at Target this week.

***Vomiting ferrets are generally very ill ferrets. Ferrets don't vomit often, and when they do it's generally due to intestinal obstruction, which is a surgical emergency. So when we found Penny vomiting at 10:00 at night last week, Kevin (who is noted for his extreme patience) volunteered to take her to the emergency clinic. After spending three hours there (long after his usual bedtime), the diagnosis came back as indigestion. Which is good, and certainly a relief. I felt bad sending Kevin out in the cold for what turned out to be a trivial comlaint, but he told me it wasn't too bad only getting five hours of sleep that night since there was a good game on the radio. My husband is long overdue for sainthood, methinks.

***P.B. Bear is quite taken with the idea that some of his friends use the potty. He seems to find the whole concept fascinating. However, when I suggest that he might attempt to use the potty himself, the answer is, "No thank you, Mommy, I prefer to use my comfortable diapers. I'm much too little to use the potty." Seems to me that anyone using sentence structure of that complexity is most likely big enough to use the potty, but I'll assume he knows his limits and not push the issue.

***The latest update on Child #2 is that he (yes, he is a boy, and so it looks I better learn to like football and soon) is growing well, looks great on ultrasound, and unless something unexpected happens, we are on for a homebirth sometime next March. I think it's getting to be time to figure out what supplies we need to have on hand. Also? Two little boys in the house? That is very cool!

And that is it for now. I'm quite sure there is other interesting stuff I meant to post, but I misplaced my brain again, so until it turns up, this will have to do...


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