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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Move Over, Zeph

Apparently Zeph doesn't live here anymore. Oh, sure, the little boy formerly known as Zeph is still here, but he is now known as P. B. Bear. He's in love with the P. B. Bear books, and I guess I shouldn't attempt to dissuade him given P. B.'s enviable sleep and toothbrushing habits....

Me: "Hey, Zeph, do you want a drink?"

Zeph, "Nnnooo! I aren't Zeph!"

Me: "Um. Well, then, who are you?"

Zeph: "Silly Mommy, I'm P. B. Bear. And I still like trains and macaroni and cheese."

Me: "Oh. Well, then, OK. Nice to meet you, P. B. Bear!"

P. B. Bear walked off in deep thought, and then returned...

P. B. Bear: "I'm P. B. Bear. And Casey is Casey P. B. Bear. And you are Mommy P. B. Bear. Eh, why am I P. B. Bear?"

And then he walked off again, mumbling, "Why am I P. B. Bear?" over and over. I got the distinct feeling he was looking for the true meaning of life or something equally profound. If he discovers the answer I'll be sure to let y'all know.


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