Come, Mommy

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Three Funny Things From This Week

1. I asked Zeph if he'd like to bake cookies. He said he did, so I asked him what kind. "Eh, I would like to bake butterhopscotch cookies, Mommy. Butterhopscotch is the best kind."

2. Zeph is currently running around looking for a misplaced toy "hopgrasser."

3. I happened upon an opportunity to pick up tickets to a show. I'm not sure we can even get a sitter that night, and as tired as I am the whole idea of venturing into Manhattan for a late evening seems daunting. Still, I think I'll get the tickets. If we can't go I can always give the tickets to friends. Hey, Chichimama, I bet M is dying to see this show, no?


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