Come, Mommy

Thursday, August 31, 2006

In Lieu of Written Content

My brain is still on hiatus, with no sign of return soon. So, I give you the Menagerie House Week in Pictures. Minus pictures of Stinky Dog. Photos don't do justice to the residual smell.


We belong to an organic CSA farm, and tomato season is here. If you need any really sweet organic tomatoes, let me know. They're falling out of our fridge every time we open the door.

"Look, Mommy! I'm in the tomato box!"

I found out afterwards that the box is meant to be returned. Ooops.


We attended the third birthday of Zeph's friend, I. It was a big hit complete with a Bob the Builder theme.

"Look, Mommy. Come, Mommy! I want I's birthday party to show up again!"

"I's mommy let us take cake home! Oooohhh, look Mommy, I like it!"


Liam has developed a fascination with hair cuts. I really hope he doesn't try to cut his own hair. I tried that as a kid and the results were not pretty. I've got the kindergarten pictures to prove it.

"I took the bunny to the new barber shop and now it's time for the cutting. Here we go!"

"Eh, looks like I need to cut Mommy's hair."

Not on your life, son.

A shot of the Demonic Bunny Barber. Looks like he wants to understudy Johnny Depp's next role.


It actually got chilly today, so we broke out some warmer clothes. And Liam loves this hat.

"I'm wearing it to dinner to protect my hair from the wind. Yup. It's no problem, really!"


And there you have it--the week in pictures. With any luck my little lost brain will find its way home, and I'll be able to string together a sentence soon.


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