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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ferret Health Update

First off, our vet managed to remove the root of Stormy's canine tooth yesterday. It took her a while as the root broke into shards when Stormy broke the tooth. Now she has a big hole in her gum that looks like she had a wisdom tooth removed, poor kid. I've been making her duck soup and hand-feeding her. She's definitely feeling a bit livelier tonight.

The others are all getting duck soup mixed with some brewer's yeast to give their immune systems a boost and get some extra calories on board. There's still a lot of sneezing going on in the Menagerie House, but I think it's slowed down a bit since yesterday. Hopefully in the next few days everyone will be better, and the normal chaos of life around here can resume.

Here is Senior Safety Executive Zeph's take on all of this:

Zeph (watching Stormy): "Miss Stormy, don't hurt any more of your teeth. It's very dangerous and it makes me sad."

Ferrets: "Achoo! Achoo!"

Zeph: "Mommy, they are sneezing. Make them stop. It's very dangerous to sneeze. It makes goop come out of their noses."

Too much information, Zeph, too much information. But very funny, nonetheless.


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