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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And Three More Makes Five

Ferrets, that is. We'd been talking about adopting some older ferrets since Beau passed away. Stormy was his special buddy and she has been very lonely recently. And then, with Jeremy gone, there was no one who could keep up with Houdini, and we could see problems developing between one quiet older ferret and a rambunctious three-year-old. We found our newest family members at South Jersey Ferret Rescue and Sanctuary, a wonderful shelter that cares for all ferret comers, sick or healthy, young or old. (If you are in the area and are looking to adopt a ferret, you need to go to their site, right away.)

These three fuzzies were given up by a couple who had owned them from kithood. Upon finding out that a baby (human) was on the way, the couple surrendered the ferrets to the shelter. Behavior like this makes me spew venom, but since y'all know how I feel on matters such as this, I'll spare you and just say that this couple's loss was definitely our gain. I've got the first pictures, so come meet the newbies -

This cinnamon boy is Pippi, and he is true to the ferret stereotype of either being in top gear or asleep. He's three, and quite a charmer. I think that he and Houdini are destined to be fast friends. First things first, we've got to get past the usual hissing and squawking that accompanies ferret introductions. It may take a while given that they both have strong personalities, but trust me, he might even surpass Miss Houdini in energy level.

And this beautiful black sable is Penny. She is three also, and is just the sweetest cuddler I've ever seen. She also loves to lick faces. Initially I was assuming she would pair up with Houdini and Pippi, but she's taken quite the shine to Miss Stormy, and is obviously bonded to Jeff, the poor guy she's kicking out of the shoebox in this picture. Way to go, Miss Penny, just bulldoze in and wake up your best friend! Also? Slow down, we're having focus issues here.

And here we have Jeff, a sweet elderly ferret (he's seven), who loves to sleep, cuddle, and eat. He's already taken a nap or two in the shoebox with Stormy, so it's looking like Stormy will be lonely no longer.

We've got some work ahead to get everyone integrated and living together peacefully, but that will come in time. It's really nice to be able to adopt ferrets who so badly need a home. What's also wonderful is getting to meet Steve and Cheryl, the lovely couple who spend the majority of their time advocating for ferrets. I know you love these fuzzies, Steve and Cheryl, and rest assured, we will give them the life you want them to have!


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