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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nightlife in Chicago, Family Style

So, did any of you bet on 25 minutes? If so, you are the lucky winners of the "Guess How Long Liam Wanted to Stay at the Shedd Aquarium Sweepstakes! The twist in the plot, however, is that Liam did not want to go back to the jet museum at the point when the aquarium got old. Instead, he wanted to go back to the hotel. It's been a lot of activity for one very small boy, so we stayed at the hotel today, and by 4:00 or so, the "I want to go back to the jet museum. Now!" campaign was reinstated. So, any guesses as to where we're going tomorrow?

But tired or not, we all had a fun night on the town:


"Daddy's doing something, no, Daddy can't touch my rocket ship. It has to bwast off first! Noooo!"

"I'm planning on carrying my new shoes all the way back to the hotel. That's the plan. It's no problem, really! Eh, this bag is doing something. It's doing something! It's twipping me!"

(We bought Liam new shoes as his sandals were all of a sudden too small. I swear they fit well just last week. And the absurdity of this is that we have two Nordstrom's within a 15 mile radius of our house, but we had to go all the way to Chicago to buy the kiddo new shoes. Huh.)

Aren't these two just the cutest things you've every seen?


Tomorrow's post will surely feature more pictures from the jet museum. That's the plan. It's no problem, really!


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