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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Weekend With Gran-Gran and Pop-Pop

Liam's grandparents came up fom Texas this week to visit. Liam has had hours of Gran-Gran and Pop-Pop time, and he is thrilled. I have had lots of downtime, and I am thrilled. Thank you, Mom and Dad!

Some Liam quotes from the weekend:

"Gran-Gran shares my trucks very well. Pop-Pop makes them do goofy turns and crash."

"Pop-Pop is old. That's because he has no hair. Yup. That's why he's old."

"I told Gran-Gran to be careful with Miss Houdini. She can be nippy. That means she bites, actually."

"Pop-Pop is Daddy's daddy, and Gran-Gran is Mommy's mommy."

"Gran-Gran is cuddly. Pop-Pop is fun. But he pushes my tricycle too fast."

And finally...

"I really, really, very want Gran-Gran and Pop-Pop to come back. Now!"

Hear that, Mom and Dad? You are simply not allowed to go back to Texas...


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