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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Only Weather Geeks Would Find This Interesting..

Hi, it's me again, your friendly neighborhood weather nerd. I just was perusing the Storm Prediction Center's website, and I found this fascinating radar loop. It got my attention since it involves a tornado-spawning supercell thunderstorm. It also involves bats, so the small-fuzzy-critter-lover in me is fascinated with this.

It seems that last spring meteorologists saw a supercell overtake a swarm (flock, herd??) of bats that were exiting their cave home in south-central Texas, and they caught it on a radar loop. I'm not at all happy for the bats, since I suspect a number of them never made it home that night. But still, that so many of these tiny creatures could create a large radar echo is pretty neat. Nature is quite impressive.


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