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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Meet Zeph

This morning at the jet museum Liam climbed the farm equipment and was all over the 727 again. We also took a tour of the Pioneer Zephyr, the streamlined train that broke the Denver to Chicago record right before the Chicago World's Fair. It turns out that this train had a mascot, a burro named "Zeph." As you might imagine would happen, Liam is not Liam anymore. He is not Baby Duck. He is not Little Toad. He is Zeph, a little brown donkey who likes to eat macaroni and cheese for dinner. (Zeph's biography and species have been embellished over the course of the day.)

"Heavens to Murgatwoyd! Zeph didn't realize that Mommy Zeph could have a nice lady bring lunch to the room!"

"Zeph is very hungry after riding to Chicago. Also, maybe he likes chocolate muffins.Zeph is doing something! He is eating a muffin!"

"Zeph likes Chicago. But he wants to go home and see Zeph's doggie and Zeph's ferrets. Yup, that's the plan. Zeph wants to go home. It's no problem. Really!"

And so ends the Chicago excursion. Tomorrow we go back to New Jersey, trading the lake breeze for the sea breeze, and the heat and humidity for, well, more heat and humidity. It was a fun trip, but we're all a bit worn out, so it'll be good to go home and get back to normal. Or, at any rate, what constitutes normal in the Menagerie House.


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