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Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Son Is Too Smart For My Own Good

I was lying on the couch today trying to nap while Liam was playing. Alas, after two minutes or so I felt someone tapping on my knee.

Liam: "Mommy, I need a tissue. My nose is schnorpy."

Me: "Mmmmmm, I'm asleep. The tissues are over there on the table."

Liam (runs to get a tissue and returns): "Mommy, you aren't asleep."

Me: "Mmmmmm, why would you say that?"

Liam: "Because you can't talk and sleep."

Me: "I'm talking in my sleep. You do it all the time."

Liam: "I'm little, so I can talk in my sleep. You're big, and I declare you aren't allowed to do that. You're pretending to sleep. Open your eyes!!"

Dang, and it seemed like such a useful ruse.


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