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Friday, March 17, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Runny Nose

Ah, best laid plans. You'd think that now that I've been doing this Mommy Gig for a tad over two years, I'd know not to make firm plans. And I'd definitely have learned not to let Liam in on them, since he's of an age now where he can anticipate playdates and other such fun events.

We had a playdate scheduled for Thursday morning with Liam's friend,
Z. The plans changed at 4:00 AM when Liam woke up with a fever. By 8:00 AM, he had a runny nose and cough, and the only words I heard from him today involved variations on the theme, "Mommy, hold Baby." Poor kid. I was concerned enough to call the pediatrician. Fortunately, by the noon hour, when the doctor called back, Gran-Gran had arrived, and Liam's sunny personality was trying hard to make a comeback. Still it was a long day which involved finding a new activity for Liam every 5-10 minutes to keep his mind off the issue of the cancelled playdate. Also, to keep his mind off of the fact that he quite obviously feels like crud.

And tomorrow poses another dilemna of the same sort. We were planning on having a blog playdate with the lovely Suzanne of Mimilou fame and her kiddos. Note use of the word "were." It ain't happening tomorrow, obviously. Sorry, Suzanne, perhaps we'll be able to pull off one of these playdates sometime before the kids enter college...

But the is hope on the sick-toddler activity front. Gran-Gran and Pop-Pop are in the process of moving to their gorgeous new home outside San Antonio, and tomorrow is the day the movers come to load all their stuff. So, my current thought is Liam and I will hang out there and watch the trucks and moving guys. Also, Gran-Gran's neighbor has a bunch of cats, and Liam is even more obsessed with cats than he is with trucks, if you can imagine such a thing. So Liam will get some extra grandparent time before they go away again, and the kitties will be a surprise bonus.

And there I go again making plans. Didn't I start this post swearing that plans are not necessarily a good idea?


  • Plans with kids are always composed of gossamer threads! I've learned the hard way not to let the kids know of any upcoming playdates, etc., until at least the morning thereof...

    I'm sorry we've had to reschedule, but I hope Liam is better. A moving truck is a terrific distraction!

    By Blogger Suzanne, at Friday, March 17, 2006 8:52:00 AM  

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