Come, Mommy

Sunday, March 12, 2006

There Must be Something in the Air

It's been a couple of weeks since I've managed to post anything of substance. I don't know if it's family-crisis-stress, or a vicious late winter onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or a potentially good post that was kidnapped by Blogger, or some combination of the above, but I am convinced my brain has turned to mush. All it seems capable of producing these days is run-on sentences. Also, any ambition on my part to engage the aforementioned mushy brain has just plain up and disappeared. I've read writings from various bloggers with similar complaints. Perhaps these symptoms could turn out to be the first signs of a new infectious disease? I'd alert the CDC, but I suspect those kind folks are up to their elbows in bird flu issues. Besides, I'm plumb out of ambition, remember?

Hmph. I think I'll say a few prayers to the Blog Content Gods tonight. Hopefully they will smile upon me, and in the near future all four or so of you lovely readers will have something vaguely interesting to read.


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