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Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh, Happy Day!

Or ten days, actually. Gran-Gran came back up from Florida for a ten-day visit, and Liam is the happiest I've seen him in months. He hasn't seen her since mid-November, and he's missed her something fierce.

I just love it when Liam is so happy he oozes joy, and that's the effect she has on him. When she's here, it's all about Gran-Gran, and when she leaves for the evening, it's all about figuring out what toys to show her the next day. "Gran-Gran might see dump truck!" or "Gran-Gran might play wif pony." Meaning, of course, Gran-Gran will play with the dump truck and the pony. Also meaning, Mommy gets a bit of a break, as well as the chance to visit with Gran-Gran herself.

Thank you, Gran-Gran, from both of us. Actually, thank you from all three of us, since having you back means Kevin and I get a date night this week. You have no idea how much you were missed.


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