Come, Mommy

Monday, February 13, 2006

Adorable Words

And now for Breaking News from the Cute Things Kids Say Department:

I was drying my hair this morning when Liam came peeling around the corner into the bathroom. He was in obvious terror. The fact that he hates the blowdryer, but chose to run towards it while it was actually on led me to suspect Something Serious Was Up.

Liam: "Come, Mommy! 'Cooter 'cared! Baby 'cared! Mommy does need to pick up Baby!"

Me (following Liam towards the bedroom window): "What's bothering you? Can you show me what scared you?"

As I got on my knees to see what he was looking at, Liam pointed out the window at the gutters.

Liam: "Baby does see 'piky things! 'Piky things dripping! 'Piky drippy things 'carey!"

Yup. Liam found himself some icicles.

Me: "Those are icicles, sweetie. When the snow melts it makes icicles. Then the icicles melt and drip. They won't hurt you."

Liam: "Drippy 'piky things not 'carey?? Okey-dokey."

Pause for deep contemplation of Spiky Things...

"Come, Mommy. Those thing not Baby call them 'pike? 'Pikesicks? Spike..sils...Baby call them Ssssspikesicles!"

Somehow the term "spikecicle" seems much more accurate to me. I may have to start using it myself.


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