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Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Trip to The Pet Expo


Elvis the Pony!

Baby Must Touch 'Paca!

What's Up with that Crazy Kid???

Being the animal lovers we are, all three of us took a trip to the Pet Expo today. We managed to beat the blizzard and have some fun. No ferrets this year, but lots of other new friends to meet! Liam had his first pony ride (on Elvis, no less!) He petted some lonely-looking chickens - a few people were afraid of them due to Bird Flu concerns. Either I'm too relaxed, or I don't watch the news enough, but the birds were happy to be petted. The big winner in Liam's book was the alpaca. Liam was impressed enough to kiss him. The alpaca, not so much.

And now it's snowing to beat the band, so we may be stuck at home until Monday sometime...


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