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Friday, March 10, 2006

Things I Swore I'd Never Blog About

Toilet training. Poop. Pee. I was naive enough to think I'd never discuss those subjects here. Silly me! Since this week began it seems Liam can't get enough of these topics. A few nights ago he awoke from a sound sleep and announced he had to pee "in Mommy's potty." And he was serious. I got him up, got the jammies off of him, and he peed in the toilet. Since then he's shown absolutely no interest in using either a toddler potty or the grown-up version, instead maintaining that "Baby no use potty. Baby use diapers." Nonetheless, I have the distinct feeling that toilet training, or the AP-approved term "toilet learning," will soon be upon us.

Aside from the very cool tools and ladders the furnace guys brought the other day, the two days they spent in our house were interesting for Liam on another front. They used our bathroom! Bonus! Every time one of the men went in, I'm pretty sure the poor guy could hear Liam yelling, "Furnace guy PEES! He PEES!" Um, yes, sweetie, everyone pees...

Liam's been hanging out over the ferret gate announcing with gusto seemingly each and every visit to the litter box. "Bobo PEED! Mommy, come here! JJ pooping!" Then today, Liam kept asking Casey to go outside and pee. "Casey does need to pee! Casey pees outside!"

Today was the first warm day we've had in ages, and we were outside most of the afternoon. At one point Liam had a poopy diaper, and I couldn't convince him to come in so I could change it. Ever the problem solver, he suggested we change it outside. I brought a blanket and a diaper outside, got his diaper off, and the kid took off across the yard. Now, I really should have seen the next move coming given that Liam loves to pretend to be Casey by sniffing bushes and eating dry cereal from a bowl on the floor, but I didn't. Liam ran over to the azalea bushes and peed in them. I'm not sure if I should be horrified that he has identified the greenery as an appropriate toilet site, or if I should be glad that he is at least interested in peeing somewhere other than a diaper.

I guess the next step is to make sure I know where all the restrooms are located in the places we frequent. Just in case Liam pretends to be a little boy and not a dog.


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