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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Shoo, Fly!

Liam learned the words to the song "Shoo Fly" in the last session of music class. At the time I had lots of fun with it, since it was one of my favorite songs from Mr. Shepherd's 2nd grade music class. When I was in 2nd grade, my school was in Bettendorf, Iowa, while my parents and I lived across the Mississippi River in Moline, Illinois. Every day my mom and I crossed a looong bridge from Moline to Bettendorf in the morning, and returned via the same looong bridge in the afternoon. During that school year I made up many extra "Shoo, Fly" verses to entertain myself during the long trips to and from school. I was pleased to discover "Shoo Fly" on the agenda for this session's music classes for Liam. As it turns out, he thinks the song is a winner, himself, but for entirely different reasons.

The Scene: Liam playing by himself in our front hallway. What concerned me? The strange thumps described below, as heard from the kitchen.

Liam: "Shoo, Fly, no boder me! (THUMP!)
"Shoo, Fly, no boder me! (THUMP!)
"Shoo, Fly, no boder me, 'cause Baby bewongs to somebody (THUMP!!)

Me, thinking to self: "What is that THUMP sound?"

After peering around the corner, the answer was obvious. Liam was tossing shoes across the hall after every line of the song. I asked what he was doing...

Liam: "Mommy, look! Shoes must FLY! FLY! SHOE FLY!!" (THUMP!)

I guess the good news is that Liam and I can agree on one song to be sung, even if each of us likes it for different reasons.


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