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Monday, July 02, 2007

14 Weeks Of Brotherhood

It's the usual bimonthly round-up of brotherhood pictures...

We are all about bad humor around here, so I must show you my "bug-eyed" son...

And look! The Super-Bug glasses open for indoor use!

Last weekend we went to the 1st birthday party of Violet, the little sister of one of Liam's best friends. Her mom, Lisa, is one amazing cake maker. The theme of the party was "drums", and look at the drum cake!

I'd show you a picture of the birthday girl, but I have a self-imposed rule against posting pictures of other folks' kids. Trust me, though, Violet was as cute as a button and had a great time.

This was the biggest gathering of people Kieran's ever seen. He alternated between being happy...

...and being a bit freaked out.

Last week, Liam, Kieran, and I took Stormy and Houdini down for their Lupron shots. As you can see, Kieran was perfectly dressed for the occasion.

The white ferret in the picture is Stormy. She's doing much better since we started her on theophylline for her heart block. She's got a lot of energy now that her heart's pumping in a more normal fashion. Here she is with Pippi, spending some time grooming.

And here is Houdini. Note two things about her - her hair is back! And I am able to hold her without being bitten. Clearly she's doing better as well.

More of the bad humor...say "Cheese", guys! (Kevin asked me to crop him out of this picture because he didn't like the expression on his face. But if I did, his mom might get mad at me, and I don't want that!

(Just kidding, Mom!)

Kieran is all into holding things these days. Here he is with his favorite toy, a wooden spoon. It's clearly The Best Thing Ever, and woe befall the person who separates boy and spoon.

This is a great shot I got of Liam at a local park. Doesn't he look like a junior coach with that sweat jacket and the whistle?

We spied this mommy duck and her babies as we were crossing over a bridge on our way home from the park. I took this picture from up on the bridge with the zoom lens, but without the zoom, those babies just disappear into the bank of the stream.


And that's it from around here. Coming soon - exclusive coverage of the Maple Tree Take-Down!

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