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Friday, June 29, 2007

And Conversations For The End Of The Day

We went out to dinner tonight. Right before dessert Liam saw something that scared him enough to dive under the table. I have no idea what it was...

...but don't worry. Our waitress managed to lure him out quite easily with a dish of ice cream. At bedtime I asked him about it.

Me: What was it that scared you at dinner?

Liam: "I can't tell you."

Me: "Hhhhmmm. Was it a person?"

Liam: "I can't tell you."

Me: "Was it outside?"

Liam: "I can't tell you.

Me: "Was it a noise?"

Liam: "I just can't tell you, so please stop wondering."


On the way home Kevin spotted some deer grazing in a field:

Kevin: "Oh, deer!"

Me: "Oh yeah, look at them."

Liam: "What's the problem?"

Me: "Nothing, why?"

Liam: "Daddy said, 'Oh, dear.'"

Me: "No not like that. He was talking about the deer in the field."

Liam: "But why was he saying 'Oh, dear' about the deer?"

Me: "He wasn't. He was just talking about the deer..."

Liam: "But why say 'Oh, dear' when..."

Kevin: "Hey look! Let's see if there are any dogs in the dog park!"

Nice save, Dear Kev!

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