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Friday, November 17, 2006

Yet More Bits and Pieces

1. I'm really tired. And my brain is missing. Yada yada yada. Enough already, I hear you shout.

2. We had a great playdate this week with Suzanne, Sean, and Allie. Liam had a great time, although it was hard to tell it at the time as the museum we visited was a bit too loud for him and he kept wanting to return to the relative quiet of the toddler room. Sean and Allie were less impressed with the toddler room, but they are great sports and consented to spend a substantial amount of time in there anyway. Thanks for the fun time, guys!

3. Out driving tonight I saw what was either an otter or a beaver swimming in a local lake. I think it was too big to be a beaver, altough Kevin swears otherwise. Whatever it was, it was clearly an aquatic mammal of some type, which is very cool.

4. At the mall tonight all three of us were checking out Santa's quarters, when who should walk by but the jolly elf himself. Which petrified Liam, who has issues with people in costumes (hence the lack of Halloween postings here). He's willing to divulge his Christmas wishlist to the Santa picture in a Christmas book, but the "real" Santa at the mall causes him to beg to return home, poor kid.

5. What is on his wishlist? "A fire station for my fire engines. And helmets for the firefighters. And some firefighters for the station. And some ladders for the fire engines. And hoses for the pumper trucks. And some toy kitty cats for the firemen to rescue. Oh, and somezoomy mice. Yup. That's all."

And yup, that's all I've got. Nighty-night, y'all!


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