Come, Mommy

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Menagerie House's Newest Addition

Introducing Shoggy, a very very big mylar dog balloon. Liam woke up in a bad mood this morning, and the only thing he could think to ask for was a balloon. Since this is such an easily-filled wish, we drove on down to Party City.

Amidst the zillions of balloons on display was this pup, all by himself and quite lonesome. Liam took a fancy to him right away, so we "adopted" him and brought him home. It was quite a struggle getting the balloon out the door of the store. Shoggy is wider than Liam is tall, but Mr. Do By Self prevailed and manhandled his new pet outside. Liam would like you all to know that Shoggy says two things - "woof-woof" and "crinkle-crinkle."

I would like to know the origin of the name "Shoggy." I guess some things will forever remain mysterious.


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