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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Things I Like About My Life

In an effort to dispel some of my recent funk, I got to thinking about the things that I enjoy about day-to-day life. Counting my blessings, in essence. To wit:

1. That Liam has such a vivid imagination. There's a spider who has been living up in a far corner of our family room for weeks now. I was concerned he wouldn't find anything to eat, but according to Liam, when spiders feel peckish they simply call the local pizza shop and order "a large pie wif muffrooms and bwoccoli." And to think I didn't know that before.

2. That Casey and Liam are attached at the hip. Toddler too close to the street? Casey will heard him back to safety. Stranger too close to child? Casey will politely insert himself between Liam and the newcomer. Crying child? Casey licks Liam's face until he laughs. And perhaps best of all, Casey will allow Liam to finger-paint his fur, and then apply Mickey Mouse stickers. I'd insert of picture of that here, but I have yet to figure out how to successfully photograph a solid black dog.

And, yes, my son is enrolled in a Waldorf parent-child program and therefore, at least in theory, should not be playing with anything that involves cartoon characters, but I dare you to rain on my parade today. I double dare ya.

3. That ferrets are the world's best antidepressant. I love watching Stormy, Bobo, Houdini, and Jeremy wind themselves up during a big game of tag, dooking and war-dancing away.

4. That Liam can't pronounce the "s" at the beginning of many words. This morning everyone in the neighborhood has been "'cooping 'now." And the kids have been "building 'nowmen."

5. That Uncle Bob has made it out of the ICU and can now talk and feed himself. He's still facing months in rehab once he leaves the hospital, but progress is progress, and I'll take what I can get.

6. That my wonderful husband is willing to go in late to work on Tuesdays. That way, I can go to choir practice every Monday night, and not be exhausted come Tuesday morning.

7. That it's only 60-odd days until the first day of spring.

Wow. I'm feeling better already. I may have to start counting my blessings on a regular basis.


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