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Sunday, November 13, 2005

He Took My Bagel!

All of this bad stuff going on in our family this week has had one upside for me. Recently I've found myself missing some of the humor in everyday family situations essentially because I'm focusing on the negatives of a given scene, such as the mess, the tantrums, and what-have-you. But since Bob's accident I've realized that life is short, very few situations are entirely bad, and I might as well focus on the fun stuff around me. With that in mind, here's yesterday's scene:

Liam (talking to dog, bagel clutched in hand): Casey, want some bagel?

Casey (stretching neck out): sniff, sniff, lick.

Liam: Here Casey, bagel! EAT!

At which point Casey grabs the entire bagel from Liam's hand, and, in one gulp, the bagel is gone.

Then Liam ran to me, yelling, "Come, Mommy! Casey took bagel! Baby's bagel! GONE! GONE! Casey took!"

I said to Liam, "But, honey, you offered him the bagel."

To which Liam replied, "No whole bagel! Only one piece! Teeny-tiny piece!"

Apparently Casey was only supposed to take a bite of the bagel? Clearly it's time to teach Casey proper snack etiquette.

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