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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ay Yi Yi

This title is the only descriptor for the last week.

Reason 1. Liam and I both got sick Sunday night. Fever, sniffles, sore throat. OK, no school for him Monday, which is fine. I called Gran-Gran to come help us out during the day so I could get some downtime, thanking my lucky starts my mother-in-law likes to spend time at our house. Everything is going swimmingly until Kevin calls from work, giving us Reason 2.

Reason 2: Uncle Bob has been in a very, very bad car accident. It seems a 15-year-old took his mom's car without her permission and ran head-on into Bob, and it sounds to me like Bob's Mustang had to be peeled off of him much as one would peel an orange. He's now in an ICU in Florida, on a ventilator; he has more broken bones than intact ones. He's expected to survive, but his recovery will be long and hard. And the kid who hit him is in bad shape, too.

Reason 3: Because of Reasons 1 and 2, I've been spending large stretches of the night awake, resulting in Reason 4.

Reason 4: Insomnia does a real number on my immune system, so this has gone from a bad cold to bronchitis complete with antibiotic therapy. I'm flat on my back in bed, Kevin is amusing Liam outside with a leaf blower, and I hope with all my heart this clears up quickly. I am losing my mind from stress. I'm quite sure my brain will ooze out my ears at any moment.

So here I am with my jumbled thoughts, worrying about Bob, feeling my heart break for the parents of the kid who hit him, for the kid himself whose life is forever altered by one horrendous decision, and wondering why I'm not getting better after two days of anitbiotics. See what four hours of sleep a night for a week will do to your brain? And body?


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