Come, Mommy

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Good Morning, Mommy!

I'm here to tell you that nothing says morning quite like having one's eyelids peeled open by a wide awake 25-month-old. I was sound asleep when I realized Liam was bouncing on the bed next to me. I heard him ask, "Mommy? Oh, Mommy not awake yet?" Bounce, bounce, bounce. Bounce. "Hhhhmmmm. Baby need Mommy awake. Hhhhmmmm. Okey-dokey, Baby open Mommy's eyes for Mommy. Then...Mommy awake!"

Next thing I knew, tiny hands were forcing my eyes open, and a certain kid's blue eyes were staring hopefully into mine. "YAY! Mommy's eyes open! Mommy does need to get up! Mommy does need to play wif Baby! MORNING, MOMMY!!!"

Good morning, sweet pea. And to think that until you arrived, I didn't do mornings well. Now, I wouldn't have it any other way.


  • I'm with you on the mommy experiences. Our 4-year-old still sleeps with us half time and we are torn between kicking her out and enjoying more mommy/daddy time and snuggling with her all night long.

    I'll drop by again.

    By Blogger Kathleen, at Sunday, January 15, 2006 9:30:00 PM  

  • Yup, Liam's in bed with us right now :) Which is why I'm awake and playing on the computer at 3:53 AM. He kicked me in the stomach a couple of times, then I got up to get some juice, and now I can't go back to sleep. Nights like this I wonder what I was thinking when I first tucked him into bed with us, but the cuddles and the waking up together are definitely worth it.

    Now I'll just have to remember that thought later today when I'm feeling the sleep deprivation :)

    By Blogger Liesl, at Monday, January 16, 2006 3:56:00 AM  

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