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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Slow Down - Tis the Season for Stress

I've left my blog sitting for over a week now what with the onslaught of holiday preparations added to the usual nuttiness that is our home. I've got a few ideas I'd like to blog, but with worrying about what gifts need to go to which state, which ferrets need distemper shots, getting Casey his Bordatella vaccine because apparently we will be going to Florida to be with Uncle Bob and the rest of the family for Christmas, etc., my mind is a running list of things to do, and honestly, I hate it when that happens.

But yesterday, Liam showed me that all of the above really is not the big deal I'm making it out to be. We were outside and noticed that our neighbor, Frank, had put all sorts of decorations in his yard. We went over and spent a good half-hour exploring trains, reindeer, wrapped package, trains, a Christmas tree, oh, and did I mention Liam really likes the trains? A half-hour of running commentary from Liam, "Come, Mommy! Touch 'nowman!", and "Come, Mommy! Touch tree!", and "Come, Mommy! Crawl under reindeer wif Baby!" It was absolutely wonderful to see the excitement on Liam's face as he explored each new decoration. This is all new to him, this Christmas stuff. Christmas is new and magical to him. Watching him makes me realize I need to take a deep breath, slow down, and understand that the wonder of Christmas is right on front of me in the form of my son. Somehow the holiday is looking new and magical to me, too.


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