Come, Mommy

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tired Kiddo

Liam is a big fan of the Sandra Boynton kids' books, particularly one entitled Pajama Time. At any rate, this is what I heard from the back of the car as Liam and I were running errands today.

"Baby tired"

"Come, Mommy, Baby tired. Guess not. Come, Mommy? Nopey-Dokey, Mommy drive. Oh, yeah, Mommy drive car. Ahhh, Oh, yeah...

Is 'Jama Time..

Oh, yeah..

Come, Mommy, Baby tired!!! No?? Mommy drive?? Ah....

Is 'Jama Time!!

Yup, yeah, is 'Jama Time!

Some fuzzy, some not!

Oh, yeah, is 'Jama Time!!"

Love those toddler songfests at 9:00 in the morning!!


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