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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bits And Pieces Of This And That

Breaking News: Having two kids really can get in the way of blogging. They give me lots of fodder, but by the time I actually remember that there was a cute moment I wanted to write about I can never seem to find time to post. I need to find a way to make sleep optional. Then I could have time to blog and read or knit, perhaps. Imagination is a wonderful thing, no?

In the meantime I present ya'll with another stream-of-consciousness Bits and Pieces post.


From the Department of Lemur Training we have news of complete surrender by the Lemur Parents. We outsourced Sanitary Education to a close friend of mine who teaches young autistic children. As a result of this career she has lots and lots of experience with potty learning. She managed to get Liam to decorate his potty with drawings and clean up "accidents" caused by toy animals who couldn't get to the bathroom on time. She also left us with an Elmo toy that Liam thinks is just the bees' knees.

As she left, she said, "He is one tough nut to crack. I'm not sure this can be done right now."

This morning, The Lemur pointed to his potty and declared, "You see that paper on the potty, Mommy? All of it is signs that say, 'Leaping Lemur does not have to sit on the potty!'"

However, progress was definitely made in that it seems that The Lemur is no longer afraid to at least talk about the potty. And he's all about playing with Elmo, which is good. So for now, we'll leave it at that and see where thing go if the "Lemurs do not have to sit on the potty" rule remains in effect.

Thank you for attempting this, Lisa! It's a wonderful person who will even consider potty teaching someone else's child. I owe you big time.


We took an afternoon trip to the Shore today, and on the boardwalk we happened to see this table:

It's an open casting call for Wife Swap. The families that appear on the show each get $20,000. Kevin said that wasn't enough money for him to part with me for a week. Now, how sweet is my husband????

On the other hand maybe we should have enquired further, as we have on our hands...


(cue suspenseful music)

An Unpaid For Baby!


Actually, he's paid for. It's his entrance into the world that is not. Yes indeedy-do, Large Insurance Company That Starts With A denied our appeal. Fun times, indeed.


Ah, but the plot thickens. I mentioned our plight to the neighbors who live right behind us, both of whom are lawyers. The wife is in healthcare related law and used to work for the Insurance Bureau before deciding to stay home with their daughters. She had a baby last January, and has coverage through the same Insurance Company Of Little Common Sense. In her case, the birth was covered, but the baby's pediatric care was not. And their appeal has gone nowhere, either.

She and her husband are very angry. And very well connected in the health insurance world.

I suspect thing are going to get interesting around here.


Obligatory Cute Baby Picture:

"What's with the six months of exclusive breastfeeding, you doctor dudes? Has no one informed you that books are delicious????"


For my friend Robbie, who just spent a week at Sturgis - see what the fire department was raffling off at the beach today for their fund-raiser? The Lemur assures me that this is a "very cool and likely very loud motorcycle." And he took this picture himself...


Liam tried his hand at a boardwalk game today. Apparently we are raising a very non-materialistic kiddo. When he managed to catch a fish, he was thrilled, but when presented with a prize, he burst into tears. I guess it's all about the game for him.


Tomorrow we are going back-to-school shopping. Liam needs boots, a raincoat, and new shoes for school. And a backpack. And a some new clothes that meet the dress code. It's the first time we've ever done school shopping. It's a milestone for all of us.

Three weeks until Liam's nursery school starts. And he was Kieran's age only three weeks ago, I swear.

Exactly who gave my kids permission to grow up???


Oh, and Liam's a bit down in the dumps that his school does not use school buses. He really wants to ride one. This is the closest we've been able to come:

He did allow as to how he might be OK with my driving him if a) he gets his music on the stereo, and b) Kieran comes along, too. Aaaaawwwww.......


That's it from these parts. Maybe one of these days I'll have an actual story or anecdote or well-constructed essay.

Hey, a girl can dream.....

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  • Glad to see an update from you!
    Sorry that the Lemur training isn't going so well. If it's any consolation, M was close to 4 when she was finally completely trained. You're not alone!!

    Looking forward to more updates (as time permits!)

    By Blogger Steph, at Sunday, August 19, 2007 8:09:00 AM  

  • Dear Leaping Lemur,
    Thank you so much for the pic of the motorcycle. You did a really great job, taking that pic all by yourself! Now I have got to find out where Moses put our pics from Sturgis so that you can see them on my blog. I will let you know when I get them up. :)
    Liesl, I recall, once upon a time, when Hayden was little, some woman told me that she actually painted fire in her toilet bowl. Then her little guy pretended he was a fire truck and put the flames out. Theoretically, Leaping Lemur COULD pretend he's knocking fruit out of trees? Or whatever lemurs do. lol. Also, I have NEVER had a son who would deign to use a potty chair. Every last one of them insisted on using the grownup potty.

    By Blogger Robbie, at Sunday, August 19, 2007 10:05:00 AM  

  • I think we're going to throw ourselves at the mercy of one of Baby Blue's doctors and beg for a letter explaining nicely but firmly to the preschool that potty training is just not where we're at right now. You want I should make a copy and change the names on it for you?

    By Blogger Phantom Scribbler, at Sunday, August 19, 2007 11:26:00 AM  

  • Cute pictures!!!!

    And good luck with the back to school shopping. That's on our list for this week too. Gah.

    Every preschool I know (except ours of course) makes exceptions to the potty training rule, so if it is an issue, I would just approach the director ahead of time...good luck!

    By Blogger chichimama, at Sunday, August 19, 2007 6:12:00 PM  

  • Thanks for your support, everyone :)
    It's good to know we're not the only ones who have had these kind of troubles.

    Robbie - L. Lemur says he can't wait to see pictures of the bikes at Sturgis :)

    As for the flames - that is the funniest idea I've heard for potty training. Ever! Unfortunately, Mr. Lemur doesn't buy pretending to be anyone other than a diaper-clad boy when it comes to bathroom time.

    He's just decided for whatever reason that potties, toilets, and all related devices are not for him. It's a big power struggle and I think in the interest of sanity for all we need to give up on this for a while. I'm hoping his teacher this year might have some ideas or that he finds inspiration from his classmates.

    Phantom - Sure, count me in one of those letters. I bet you could finance college for both kids selling them on EBay ;-)

    Chichimama - I don't think Liam's school is going to have a problem with him, especially since we've given it every effort. But it's good to know most schools have exceptions. I mean, seriously, if a kid doesn't want to, he won't, and that's that. No one wants the bigger problems these struggles can cause.

    By Blogger Liesl, at Sunday, August 19, 2007 8:25:00 PM  

  • You're right about the potty: if a kid doesn't want to, he won't. Nothing anyone can do there. And, hey, if the paper says he doesn't have to...*grin*

    And GOOD LUCK with the %*#* insurance company. It sounds like things *should* get "interesting" on them, for this. Keep us posted!

    By Blogger Jennifer, at Sunday, August 19, 2007 11:45:00 PM  

  • Good to hear from you again! I know what you mean about finding time to blog with kids. I mean I have one and if I am at home good luck. Hence why I do most of it from work, shhhh.

    Sorry for the forthcoming roller coaster that the insurance company is about to send you on. Really you should move to Canada ;)

    As for the potty training, just keep hanging in there. We have been having our own struggle too. I have said it before, but why can't there just me a button!

    Good luck with the shopping!

    By Blogger Christy, at Monday, August 20, 2007 12:07:00 AM  

  • I'm glad that Elmo's continuing to be popular at your house. I think he might have diabetes as well as a UTI, though, considering how often he drinks and pees. :)

    Did I mention that I even suggested peeing on newspaper spread out on the floor? I even had some in my bag...

    By Blogger Lisa, at Monday, August 20, 2007 12:10:00 AM  

  • RE: potty training. Just be glad you don't have my mother...the way she lectures me about how the potty training is up to me whether he learns or not, and how she can't believe he's not trained yet, and how she's afraid he won't be going to nursery school this fall, etc. you'd think he were 9! The boy turned 3 a week and a half ago!!

    By Blogger Camille, at Tuesday, September 04, 2007 4:30:00 PM  

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