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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Comments From the Thanksgiving Day Parades

Liam watches very little TV, but we let him watch some of the Boscov's and Macy's parades Thanksgiving morning. We told him the names of the characters he didn't know, which was a bit of challenge since I haven't kept up with all these TV characters myself. At any rate, here are some of Liam's more amusing observations:

1. About Pink Panther - "Mommy, he's not a panther. Panthers aren't allowed to be pink. He must really be a pink leopard."

2. About Dora - a close-up shot of the rain cascading off the balloon - "Wow, she can really pee!"

3. About SpongeBob - "Mommy, hold me. He's scary. I don't think SpongeBob should be allowed outside."

4. About Big Bird - "Hey! You won't believe your eyes - Yellow Bird can really fly!

5. About Humpty Dumpty - "Oh, no! He's too high! He's gonna have a great fall! Oh, NO!"

And with that we turned off the parades and went to dinner, but several times that afternoon Liam asked us, "Is Humpty-Dumpty OK? Is he OK???"

Oh, the suspense of reality TV...


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