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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Adventures in Dental Hygiene

Liam has never been a fan of toothbrushing. It was always a bit of a struggle until a few days ago, when he somehow got some of Casey's fur in his mouth. I suggested that we use a toothbrush to get it out, and then the game started:

Me: "OK, Casey fur all gone!"
Liam: "Now, Mommy does need to get Casey out."
Me: "Casey? Out of where, hon?"
Liam: "Mommy does need to brush Casey out of Baby's mouf."
Me: "Casey's in your mouth?"
Liam: "Casey inside Baby's mouf!"

So I "scrubbed" Casey out of Liam's mouth, which may have been the most thorough toothbrushing Liam's had in a while. Since then, other characters have been brushed out of Liam's mouth. Tonight took the cake with a 15 minute toothbrushing session during which we "removed" Casey, Bobo, Stormy, Houdini, Jeremy, Dudley (our neighbors' Boston terrier), Pooh, Tigger, Elmo, Piglet, a train, a red balloon, and some peas. That's both literally and figuratively in the case of the peas.

For a time I was sure Liam would have cavities at his first dental visit. Now I'm fearing we'll have to cap his teeth after scouring them down this much.

Next mission? Get the boy to realize baths are not a form of torture.


  • That's one productive tooth-brushing session! My problem in this department is not the lack of desire but the kids' insistence that they do it themselves. Which is about as productive as no brushing at all. Our current compromise is that they can start, and I will finish.

    Good luck with bathtime!

    By Blogger Suzanne, at Thursday, January 19, 2006 9:04:00 PM  

  • Ah. As in, "Do it myself, Mommy?" I get that a lot, too: I let him play with his toothbrush while I brush my own teeth, then I take over.

    Thanks! I'm thinking maybe I should suggest he take a toy Piglet or Elmo in the tub with him. Aw, heck, if it would calm him down, he's welcome to invite one of the ferrets. A ferret or two in the bath, hhhmmm. Now that would be something to blog about :)

    By Blogger Liesl, at Friday, January 20, 2006 10:04:00 PM  

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