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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Surprise

We were sitting on the couch by the front window Saturday afternoon. The Lemur, who is currently obsessed with fire engines and Christmas, heard a siren. It became apparent that the siren not only belonged to a fire truck, but that said firetruck was coming down our street. Then, wonder of wonders, we realized that there was more than one truck. Liam jumped onto the back of the couch to spectate.

Not one, not two, but three fire engines came slowly driving down the street, lights and sirens in full action. And then, on the back of the ladder truck, who should appear but Santa himself, standing tall and proud on the back of the truck.

Liam was beside himself as he realized that not only does Santa bring toys to small children, but he also is a way cool dude because "he hangs out with the firemen, Mommy."

Christmas magic takes many forms, and when I saw the look of wonder on his face as Santa appeared, I realized why we do this stressful season again and again each year - because, buried in the lists of things to do, make, and buy, are moments of pure joy. If Liam gets even one moment like that each Christmas, it will make all the craziness worthwhile.



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