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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bits 'N' Pieces Of Stuff (Random)

We're getting ready to leave town for a week. We're going to Gran-Gran's. Actually, the boys and I are going to Gran-Gran's, while Kevin gets the fun of attending a conference for most of the week.


I always get stressed out by travel plans. I'm trying hard not to get all frazzled, but I'm not having much luck in that department.


I can't remember most of the things I was planning to include in this post - after answering "why" questions all day, my brain is most mushy.


Example "why" questions:

1. "Why are operas so long?"
2. "Why does Santa live at the North Pole?"
3. "Why can't I eat French fries all day long?"
4. "Why are there so many cars on Route 1?"
5. "What are there so many cars on every road?"
6. "Why aren't you answering me, Mommy? Mommy? MOMMEE?"


It's the peak of the autumn color around here, and it's really pretty driving to school in the mornings


I was in the pet store last Saturday, and walked in to find a huge display of Christmas goodies for dogs and cats. I was busy thinking it's kind of early for Christmas stuff, but Liam ran ahead of me yelling, "Mommy! Look! They brought Christmas back!" He was so happy I couldn't be grinchy for long.


I guess I better start that Christmas shopping. Soon.

I leave you with the cute picture du jour:

"Mommy, in this picture I am the SuperLemur Express speeding down the track. I almost seemed to fly!!!"

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