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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful Boy

Liam: "Mommy, why do we not have school tomorrow?"

Me: "Tomorrow is a big holiday. It's called Thanksgiving."

Liam: "What is Thanksgiving?"

Me: "Well, it's a day where we have a big family dinner and think about all the things we're thankful for."

Liam: "What is 'thankful'?"

Me: "'Thankful' means being happy about all the people and things in our lives that we love. I'm thankful for you and Kieran, Daddy, Gran-Gran, Pop-Pop - "

Liam: "What about Casey? And Pippi? And Stormy? And Houdini?"

Me: "I'm thankful for them, as well."

...a moment of silence...

Liam: "Well, I love all those things, too. But actually I'm really thankful for vanilla ice cream."

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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