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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Home Again

I'm sorry I haven't posted photos of our trip yet - I just realized Thanksgiving is this week, and Liam's birthday party here at home is next week. Also it turns out that if you overstimulate two kids for a week and then return them home, there's a bit of a shock factor, and some misbehavior and sleep issues result - but it was well worth that to see all of our family in one spot. Here are some highlights:

This is from a trip to Fredericksburg that Gran-Gran, the boys, and I took. Liam "adopted" this James at the toy store. Gran-Gran paid his adoption fees!

(Liam says, "Thank you, Gran-Gran!")

Balancing on some rocks on a sunny morning.

Learning the basics of bronco riding.

Kevin and Kieran sunning themselves on a rock above the Guadalupe River.

Pop-Pop and Liam made a fire engine cake for Liam's 4th birthday, and had a great time doing it. Liam isn't technically 4 until the 27th, but we did an early family party. It was great because he had everyone in the family there. I'm not showing photos here to protect the privacy of other family members who might not want their pictures on the blogosphere, but trust me, it was a wonderful party.

The finished cake! And the proud pastry chef!

All this fun makes a fellow tired! The kids were pretty much spent by dinnertime each night, but they were having so.much,fun. (The one thing we didn't get a chance to do was to get together with Karen, a blogfriend of mine who I met years ago as she is a longtime friend of my sister-in-law, Janet. Karen, I'm sorry we didn't get together, and I hope we can have a Blogger meet-up next time we come to Texas. Hopefully by then you'll be feeling better, too.)

Thanks for a wonderful week, Pop-Pop and Gran-Gran. I truly hope the visit was all you hoped it would be, and that we can come back soon!

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