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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two Milestones

He got his first wheels 18 months ago. That trike was fiercely loved, but alas, the lad finally outgrew his first love. This weekend we went bike shopping at a real bike store and brought home this beauty. I would call it a "two-wheeler," but Liam insists it is a "training wheeler." He called his old trike "Thomas." The name of the new bike has yet to be revealed. But the relationship is off to a great start, and despite a couple of falls and one skinned knee, he's been out riding several times a day since he brought his new love home.

Despite weeks of insisting, "I never, ever want to go to school," Mr. Leaping Lemur attended his first morning of nursery school today. He had a good time once he realized that a) the playground includes a rope swing for flying, and b) his teacher was wearing Disney Crocs "just! like! mine! (except mine are yellow)!"

The true test will occur tomorrow as today parents were invited to tag along for the morning. Tomorrow will be the first day with just the children and the teachers, but Liam did say he thought everything would be fine as long as he could wear his Crocs to school. Wish us luck!



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