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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Line Between Imagination and Schizophrenia

is a thin one indeed. Just a wee tiny sampling of conversations from this weekend and today:

1. Liam: "Mommy, can you get me some soy milk?

Me: "Sure, honey, just hang on a minute..."

Liam: "I'm NOT "honey." And I can't hang on!"


2. Me: "Leonard, would you like grilled cheese or mac 'n' cheese for lunch?"

Liam: "I can't tell you because I'm a dog and dogs can't talk. WOOF!"


3. The two of us were walking through a parking lot:

Me: "Leonard, please hold my hand for the parking lot."

Liam: "I can't because I'm a dog and you are the Mommy Doggie and dogs don't have hands."

Me: "Well, can we hold paws, then?"

Liam: "Um, sure, dogs can do that."


4. At a restaurant:

Hostess: "Does your son need a booster seat?"

Liam: "I'm not a 'son'! I'm a doggie! Woof-woof-WOOF!"

Hostess: "Oh. Well, would you like a booster?"

Liam: "No, thank you. Great big doggies don't fit in booster seats."

Hostess: "Ah. Good to know."


5. At Liam's friend Isaac's house:

Isaac: "Do you want to play, Liam?"

Liam: "I'm NOT LIAM!!!"

Isaac: "You are right, and you are L-"

Liam: "NO! I'm not 'Right'! I'm Leonard!!"

If this keeps up much longer my next post will be an open solicitation for Haldol.



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