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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Normally Valentine's Day is not something we really do anything about in terms of celebration here at the Menagerie House, but we had a confluence of circumstances that led to at least a nod towards the day this year. You see, Schnorpfest '07 is entering it's third and hopefully final week, and has expanded to include colds for both Kevin and I along with sinusitis and and an amoxicillin prescription for Donald the Tickling Shark. Then, too, we were treated to an ice storm last night and this morning, so Kevin worked from home and eventually gave up on that after his company closed their gates early this afternoon.

If you have two sick adults who need to entertain a small boy with a minimum of physical exertion, and you can't really go anywhere, what should you do? We simply declared today to be a holiday after all and baked a cake. So in the picture above we have Donald the Great Big Shark Who Tickles People and his first ever effort at decorating a Valentine's Day cake. It turned out to be quite cute, and quite tasty! The only sad part was telling Donald that his new goldfish Gold, Goldie, and Orangey aren't really meant to share his cake...

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