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Monday, December 04, 2006

Birthday Party 3 - the Pictures!

As Charley the Camel would say, "Yike-a roni's!!!" I really didn't mean to go a week between posts, it's just that last week we were fighting off colds, and getting ready for a birthday party for a certain camel. Good thing I didn't sign up for NoBloPoMo or whatever that activity was called, eh?

But then, it's not November anymore, so I'd be off the hook on that account anyway.

As for the cold, it's not amounting to much more than some minor crankiness and a whole lot of ooze. As for the party, we planned to keep it simple, with just three other kids and their parents, plus Gran-Gran and Gi-Gi (Charley's great-grandmother, the lovely lady you see holding him as newborn in the previous post.) Still, though, we ended up running lots of errands and putting together toys late at night. I can't figure out how parents who have these parties with 20 or more kids, clowns, moon walks, etc., manage to pull that off. They are quite obviously made of sterner stuff than I.

Liam had three days to spend with his Gran-Gran and Gi-Gi, a fun party, and then yesterday we took him into New York to see the tree and skaters at Rockefeller Center. And Kevin and I managed to go out to dinner and a movie on Friday night. So we are all very happy and very, very tired.

Some party pictures:

Liam got this sweet little guitar from his Aunt Janet, Uncle Sean, and cousins Ethan and Alexa. He prefers to use it like a dulcimer, and he loves it!

And here he is with one of my favorite childhood toys, Lincoln Logs. Thank you, Kaz, Marcus, and Kotoko!

(Also, note the completely exhausted Great Doggler in the background.)

The Birthday Boy blowing out his candles.

The cake! It was a chocolate chip cake with custard filling from an amazing local bakery, and Bonus! We've got leftovers!

Wanna guess what the theme of Birthday Number 3 was???

Our friends Lisa, Eric, Isaac, and Violet gave Liam a gorgeous wooden firetruck and accessories, and Gran-Gran gave him a fire station to go with the trucks. We have very happy little boy here. I predict he will be calling himself Fire Chief Charley the Camel by later today.

So that's the week's rundown - lots of fun, and lots of activity. I'm hoping we can have a quiet few days ahead...and I've probably jinxed myself by committing those words to the Internet.


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