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Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Much Improved Day, Thank Heaven

I have to start out this post by thanking Kevin from the bottom of my heart. My dear, kind husband stayed up until the wee hours this morning applying the remainder of the paint to our living room. Then he got up early with Liam this morning, which netted him about five hours of sleep last night. All of this activity worked wonders, since a) it ended home improvement stress, b) we were able to turn on the air conditioning this hot afternoon, and c) Liam was quite happy today, what with the coolness and the ability to find his toys. Unfortunately, it also resulted in Kevin getting a nasty headache tonight, the poor guy. All of this was above and beyond the call of duty, but gosh darn it made life so much better today. It's stuff like this that makes me so glad I married this guy! Thank you, Kev!

Since the painting was done, but the walls were wet, we went to a dressage event at the Horse Park of New Jersey. There were some stunning horses and some amazing riding there. (Liam, while he enjoyed the horses, was most impressed by the tractors and water trucks working in the rings.) If you ever in central New Jersey and are in need of a family-friendly outdoor activity, there's stuff going on there during most of the warm weather months. It's set in the rolling hills of Monmouth County, it's absolutely beautiful, and it's full of friendly horses and dogs.

Kevin and I tag-teamed with one of us watching the competition, and one of us following Liam as he explored the grounds and stands. At one point he spied this cat for sale at one of the vendors' tables:

He made it clear that the cat was meant to come home with us, just absolutely meant to. I gave him the "adoption fee" and he paid for his new pet and then commenced to show her the park. He took her to meet Daddy - "This way, Kitty Cat! It's nice to meet Daddy!" He took her to a tree - "Here, Kitty Cat! A tree! I'm a fireman. I can rescue you if you get stuck. Climb the tree, Kitty Cat!" And then two horse statues -"Look, Kitty Cat! A mommy and baby. They are horses. Friendly horses!"

After a couple of hours it got hot, so we came home, turned on the air conditioning, and the rest of the day was uneventful. Kevin even got a nap in before dinner. And to think I was worried that today would be as bad as yesterday.

I have, however, decided two things. First, the reason nature designed kids to need two parents is that with any luck, one parent will have patience when the other parent is on the verge of total meltdown. Second, the good thing about bad days is that they help us appreciate the times when things are going well.


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